15 January 2018

After almost 50 years of service in the local education industry, Taylor's College has moved into Taylor's Education Group's award-winning university campus – the Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Effective 4 January 2018, all Taylor's College students begun their classes at the modern tropical campus located in Subang Jaya.

The move from its two previous campuses, Taylor's College Subang Jaya and the Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, to the Lakeside Campus marks a brand new chapter for the College to further improve its offerings to students. At the iconic campus, students will have access to a more conducive learning environment, in line with the changing needs of the education landscape.

"This bold move comes at an appropriate time as we believe it is necessary to better provide for changing student needs in the midst of an evolving education landscape. In a fast-transforming world impended with digital advances and an ever-changing job market, students are more than ever required to be relevant and future-ready in order to better serve their community and nation. The Lakeside Campus caters to future-leaders by being an education hub that emphasises holistic education experiences, while embracing digital transformations in higher education," said Taylor's Education Group CEO, Dato' Loy Teik Ngan.

Holding on to its excellent track record of placing over 1,000 students in the world's Top 200 universities every year, the move will also continuously enable Taylor's College to prepare and place students in universities of their choice by making available world-class teaching and learning facilities. Students will benefit from the modern Lakeside Campus comprising of state-of-the-art laboratories, a four-storey library complete with a mini theatre, computer labs and more.

In addition, the campus boasts a vibrant community of international students from over 80 countries which gives students the opportunity to enhance academic ability, communication skills, and collaborative working skills through multi-cultural interaction.

"Higher education institutions have long been regarded as places to cultivate knowledge and transformation; a place where future-ready talents are being shaped. The move to Taylor's Lakeside Campus will allow our students to succeed in the future, especially when they move on to university. By mingling with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, college students will be able to explore ideas communally using the best tools available at the Lakeside Campus," shared Taylor's College Campus Director, Josephine Tan, in her opening speech at the celebration event.

The event saw an attendance of staff, students and alumni from both the college and university institutions at the Lakeside Campus in celebration of Taylor's College legacy of academic excellence.

Taylor's College management team and students were also transported from the former Taylor's College Subang Jaya SS15 campus on 10 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and a double-decker bus.

Taylor's College will continue to offer two flagship pre-university courses, the Cambridge A Level programme and the South Australian Matriculation/SACE International (SAM/SACE I) programme from the Lakeside Campus.

The Lakeside Campus is deemed the most iconic University Campus in Malaysia and has been ranked as the top university campus in Malaysia by international students.

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